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Do you have an issue with an aggressive pet dog? Find solutions for many dog behaviour problems in Farnham, Alton, Woking and the surrounding areas with Canine Whispers today!

Would you like support for your new puppy or rescue? Canine Whispers offers solutions for dog behaviour problems in Farnham, Guildford and many other locations. Book Now!

Does your dog have issues with discipline, hyperactivity or separation anxiety? Canine Whispers has solutions for these and many other Dog Behaviour problems, available to those in Aldershot, Guildford, Haslemere and many other locations. Call Now!



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The Clinical Animal Behaviourist, provides dog behaviour consultation, at your home, or virtually to help you resolve dog behaviour problems and personal dog training for general obedience skills in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire (between M4 A24 &M25).

* Virtual dog behaviour consultations, are not limited by the area you live in.

The Clinical Animal Behaviourist helps with dog behaviour modification and dog training in: Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire – Farnham, Camberley, Guildford, Godalming, Windlesham, Farnborough, Aldershot, Woking, Rushmoor, Thursley, Frensham, Hook, Bagshot, Fleet, Yateley, Hindhead, Bentley, Ripley, Dorking, Epsom and local surrounding areas nearby. North Hampshire, Surrey, South Berkshire. Relax, we come to you!

Live outside the home visit area, or want the convenience of a remote consultationWe’re here to help. Consider a Virtual Dog Behaviour Consultation.

Please contact us to discuss which service is right for the behaviour problem.

Our Services

all across the farnham, LEATHErhead, liphook & alton area

Canine Whispers provides a range of behaviour consultation and personal dog training services to meet the specific needs of your dog:

Dog Behaviour Consultation

The Clinical Animal Behaviourist works on vet referral to evaluate, prevent and address wide variety of inappropriate, or problematic dog behaviour problems. Helping and supporting you to apply a science lead behaviour modification plan with effective humane techniques.


Home Alone

Help your dog overcome the fear of being home alone and begin to reduce the worry for your dog, you and your family.


Private DogTraining

An Animal Training Instructor for obedience training. Home visit, or virtual private training lesson and puppy courses.


Televideo Consultations

These dog behaviour consultations held remotely by Zoom involve evaluation and discussion about your dogs behaviour, followed by live guidance and training. A great option for those who want the convenience, or are outside the home visit area.


What Our Clients Say

  • Thank you very much for all your help and support! We can already see the improvements and benefits, and will continue on this way

    Christa - Surrey
  • Thank you massively for your time with our dog

    Sophie - Basingstoke
  • We were amazed at the change in him, this has never been a possibility. We are feeling a lot more positive now

    Sam - Bordon
  • This is great, thank you so much!

    Natasha Hook
  • Karen has been helping us over the last few months with our dog who has aggression issues with other dogs. The advice that she has given us has already made a difference, and we feel more confident as a family when we go out with him

    Mr. Disney
  • I feel now that not only is Teddy understanding me, but I am also understanding him. We are now a much happier and quieter household.

    Sonia Keen
  • L is doing really well and progressing. Being able to understand his body language is making a major positive difference. He also seems more playful and relaxed

    Sean - Farnham
  • You really really helped I can’t thank you enough,
    I have learnt a lot. I wish I had got you earlier, really really grateful

    Susie - Farnham
  • Thanks Karen, your advice really helped us with Joey! We are much more confident with controlling his behaviour and recognising his body language both in the house and on walks

    Alex - Hook
  • Today J and I certainly have learned a lot and are looking forward to working with you and our dog over the coming weeks

    L - Hook


Book An Appointment

A thorough consultation with a qualified clinical animal behaviourist will help us establish and resolve your dog’s behaviour concern.

  • Fill out our booking form to outline the behaviour problem
  • Get a vet check and book a consultation package to get your pet on the right track fast
  • The clinical animal behaviourist will gather and assess history then visit your dog, to determine likely causes, initiating and maintaining factors
  • We explain reasons for behaviour and tailor a behaviour modification plan to your dog and family

Behaviour concerns often get worse if not addressed. We love working with our clients and making a difference in their lives, visit our booking page for the next step.

Why Choose Us?

Dog behaviour help is custom tailored for your dog. Regular owners just like you can experience a variety of stressful dog behaviour problems. This ebbs away at the dog-owner bond. It is time to make a difference. With our Animal Behaviourists guidance and your work, methods promote resolution, mutual trust and re-establishment of the bond. By learning to understand your dog and how to more effectively influence its behaviour, you can apply dog behaviour modification and targeted behavioural training to get your dog back on track.

Canine Whispers is recommended to & by vets, pet shops, groomers rescue centres and clients. Here to help with your dog behaviour problem.



  • Force free, ethical dog training
  • Bespoke not generic behaviour plans tailored to your dog
  • Give you confidence to change your dog’s behaviour issues
  • I am a ABTC, APBC, TCBTS Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Animal Trainer.
  • AdVAB AdipCBM, GdipABM, AET.
  • Clinical Animal Behaviourist specialising in dogs
  • Thorough service including after care support and follow-up by email and phone
  • Comprehensive Behaviour Report

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