A dog behaviour consultation, with bespoke behaviour modification plans tailored to you and your dog.

Help With Dog Behaviour Problems Or Concerns &

What to Expect

Do you love your dog but his or her behaviour is causing stress that is also affecting many aspects of life?

Behaviour concerns often get worse if not addressed. A normal discerning owner may seek behaviour advice for a variety of reasons. Canine Whispers looks at your dog as an individual and works with you on a behaviour modification programme from dog behaviour consultation to follow up advice and support. We aim to repair the dog-human bond, influence your dog’s behaviour choices and thus help the effect it has on family life for the better.

There’s No Magic Wand!

We understand how important your dog is to you and that dog behaviour problems, or concerns can naturally feel stressful, that’s why we use Dog Whispers with positive training methods to get your dog back on track. It takes time and progress in stages. Resolution is relative to the duration of the problem, severity, etc. It will need your input, dedication & consistency by all people in the household, with prevention of rehearsal of the poor behaviour and instigating simple strategies and management policies. Luckily we’re here to help.

Why Choose Us?

Our Dog Behaviour Modification & Training is tailored to you and your dog. Unlike some other dog behaviour training and counselling services, we work with both dog and owner in a thorough focused manor, so that every case is treated individually, with the upmost care. We assess your dog behaviour case thoroughly to understand your unique dog’s behavioural perspective, so we can tailor the dog behaviour modification plan to your dog and your circumstances.



  • Private behaviour counselling with a dog behaviour consultation at your home.
  • Help for discerning owners just like you.
  • Enhance the dog-owner bond for a winning team.
  • Comprehensive, bespoke behaviour strategies and management plans.
  • Comprehensive written behaviour report.
  • Extensive dedicated support.
  • After care by phone and email.
  • Dogs and clients/families are treated as an individual case.
  • Force free compassionate dog training.
  • A professional to help you with your dog behaviour problem.


  • It was lovely to meet you, we found the session incredibly useful. We have been working with Hugo as you suggested and made good progress with the training

    Vicky - Woking
  • Thanks again for all your help and advice you're amazing!

    Debbie, Bow & Jasper - Byfleet
  • We would like to thank Canine Whispers for all their help!!

    Donna - Camberley
  • Thank you so much for your follow up telephone consultations, they have helped me enormously already.

    M - Guildford.
  • “Big improvements this week, we’re really pleased. Thank you so much!”

    Rose - Farnborough



Your dog’s behaviour concern will be addressed with a dog behaviour consultation package. An initial phone call is held, so you can outline what behaviour concerns you. If you want to book advice, a deposit and fee is paid, to secure your appointment and consultation package. Prior the to dog behaviour consultation, I ask clients to fill out a dog behaviour questionnaire. Consult your veterinarian, to diagnose related underlying clinical reasons, that may cause, or affect exhibited behaviour. If it doesn’t compromise safety, or welfare, a video of your dog can be sent, via a link to your DropBox account and include this link in an email to me, or if brief, as an iMessage. I will review your completed questionnaire and information provided, prior to consultation.

An up to three hour dog behaviour consultation is held with household members, at a mutually convenient time. The dog is assessed and behavioural issues are systematically explored. This includes discussions, demonstrations, management strategies and training. A consultation is followed up with a dog Behaviour Report. Sent a few days later. This contains a personalised dog behaviour modification plan, tailored for you and your dog. There are no quick fixes for behavioural problems and the success of the programme is governed by your consistent work and patience. Support is included after consultation, for you to contact Canine Whispers by phone, or email for the agreed duration. This guides you and your dog forward, in stages with the plan, as this is how your dog will learn best.

This thorough consultation process is available in 3 package types:

Virtual Behaviour Consultation

A video call appointment is set. The consultation is 1.5–3 hours long with your household members. This includes behaviour assessment and live training to guide you and your dog. I may use video and other medium to aid learning. You can discuss your dog and aim your camera at what is relevant. The consultation is followed by a behaviour report with support available via phone or email for one month after the initial video call.

PRICE: £100

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Home Behaviour Consultation

Some cases may best be suited to a home visit. This involves a consultation at your home (up to 3 hours) held with household members. Included in this package is a thorough face-to-face behaviour assessment, personal training and management strategies for you and your dog. A plan is then developed in stages tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. Support is then available via phone or email up to six weeks after this consultation.

PRICE: £150

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Gold Home Behaviour Consultation

Require a little extra support? As with the basic home service this package contains an initial consultation (up to 3 hours) with household members including personal training, management strategies and a bespoke behaviour report tailored for you and your dog. As well as the standard 6 weeks of support, a follow up behaviour training session can be booked within this period (1-1.5 hours) to work with you on your plan or develop training.

PRICE: £200

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*Following COVID-19 guidance all dog behaviour consultations are currently offered virtually.


With follow up training and support sessions to suit you.


Puppy Consultation

Planning to get a new puppy can be an exciting and busy time. New owners naturally have many questions on the best way to deal with, normal puppy development behaviour problems and teaching a growing puppy effective life skills to become a sociable well rounded individual. Vital information and experiences needs to be learnt by the puppy within the critical 12 week period. Canine Whispers can help you set your puppy up to succeed in their new home, with training techniques and management styles. A Puppy Consultation helps you to teach your puppy good manners and desired behaviour, to prevent problems developing and it gives you the information, or advice that you might need. Virtual consults are great for lockdown puppies!

Rescue Consultation

You have adopted a new rescue dog, well done! From the beginning it is important to re-educate, re-train your dog and to help him/her settle in, to have the best potential for success in their new home. Rescue dogs will settle better with consistent known boundaries in life and learn to earn what you want. Canine Whispers can help you promote this for keen compliance and mutual respect. A rescue dog is at least likely to have a time of adjustment and rehabilitation, due to changes in its circumstances. More than 60% of rescue dogs will have behavioural issues, minor or more complex, that they need your dedicated help with, to overcome dog behaviour problems and become a wonderful pet in its new home. With Canine Whispers advice and support, along with your time and commitment to him/her they can have a great new home and future.

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Vet Referral Form

Canine Whispers can take vet referred cases. Sudden aggression, fearfulness, or anxiety that is out of character, change in energy, or anything different, indicates consulting your veterinarian.  A problem behaviour may have an underlying clinical cause and be due, or adjunct to a medical condition. Your veterinary surgeon can diagnose and treat any clinical cause if necessary, before behaviour consultation. Prior to attending your consultation you’ll be required to fill out a questionnaire to give us more information on your dog. Take the ‘Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ approved form to your vet to sign then enclose it with your completed questionnaire and post.

Private 1-2-1 Training

Do you want a private basic obedience training course at your home, or a tailored lesson to help with a particular obedience training problem? See the Private Training page. We can help you choose the best service for your needs.

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Dog Behaviour Training Session

We are here to help. The dog behaviourist is available to support you with an hour of practical 1-2-1 training. This session can be purchased separately if not initially included with your consultation package; however, a full Dog Behaviour Consultation must be ordered and conducted before said training can take place.

This is something that some owners will not require, however others may benefit from the personal training, practical advice and demonstrations that are tailored to your bespoke plan contained within said sessions. Many owners have said this helps to build confidence and trust between them and their dog.