Help To Stop Your Dog Barking

Help To Stop Your Dog Barking

Help to Stop Your Dog Barking


Owners often feel frustrated with their barking dog and desire resolution. When our dog barks it may feel stressful, afraid, panicked, or frustrating. Often other unwanted behaviour exhibited in this context may be of concern too.

An owner may explain that their dog barks a lot. Barking is a natural innate behaviour, it is part of communication. Dogs actually communicate more with body language than vocalisations. When your dog is barking it is important to ascertain the cause and address this with first a medical evaluation from a vet. Your vet can diagnose, or eliminate for example: underlying pain, cognitive dysfunction, or any other medical cause. Then you should seek appropriate non forceful behaviour modification, by a clinical animal behaviourist.

A dog will bark with vary in tone, pitch and type relative to the situation. Dr Yin (2009) researched bark types in various contexts. She states that ‘isolated and play barking is tonal, high frequency and modulated. Disturbance barks are harsh, low frequency and unmodulated’ Yin S (2009).

Dogs bark for many reasons and in different contexts. It is important to investigate this to understand the dogs motivations. The dog may be attention seeking, reacting territorially, in a state of conflict, separated from the owner, hunting, herding, bored, playing, excited, afraid, in pain, or barking may be part of cognitive dysfunction. Your dog may bark in several contexts. Some dogs may be in situations frequently in which they react by barking, owners often find it is getting worse. 

The behaviourist can help evaluate cause, and identify the various factors that influence your dog to bark. All factors and the dog as an individual are assessed without judgement to help owners to make changes with their dogs behaviour. A behaviour modification plan can be tailored to your dog and circumstances to address the unwanted behaviour.  

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