Dog Behaviour Problem Helped

Dog Behaviour Problem Helped

Behaviour Modification


Discerning owners just like you experience a variety of dog behaviour problems and with advice and guidance can work on behaviour modification to help their dog. Dog behaviour issues are complex issues, details and solutions are unique to the dog and family. This case study is an example of the changes achieved after advice, with detailed guided follow up input and dedicated work by the owners to improve their dog’s behaviour. This blog was given with the clients consent but with changes to names and dogs to protect their privacy.


Territorial Fears


Dog owner Sally contacted me as the family were concerned about their dog Oscar barking aggressively, growling and snapping at visitors to the home. When a visitor arrived there was a lot of barking and reaction. Peaches their other dog barked excitedly and Oscar was fearful, then he joined in with barking. This caused the concerned owners to do a lot of faffing about to control the dogs. The situation felt anxious and stressful for all and there was a cacophony of barking, excitement and understandably stressed owners sternly telling the dogs off and trying to drag them to another room when they reacted poorly. Despite their efforts the problem was getting worse. This was naturally very stressful for Sally and the family and a risky to guests. The owner was aware of risk of injury, safety and potential risk of complaint. Oscar would growl and bark at the guest until they left.

Oscar was a rescue dog whom the vet though may have been mistreated in his previous home. He was always nervous of people. The family made progress since owning him but present issues were of concern.

At consultation we discussed the present situation at length. We first prioritized safety. Then enhanced communication for more effective dog-owner teamwork and established methods to influence cooperation and needed emotional changes. We also began to get the dog less reactive to people and events at the door. As well as introducing bespoke management plans and training strategies along with a better understanding of their special dog. After the consultation support was provided to monitor and progress was made in manageable stages.

Sally and the family began to be able to understand their dogs better. This was an asset and a breakthrough for Oscar. The dogs became less reactive and calmer, as the family consistently put behaviour modification into action and enjoyed working together with their dogs.

With guidance and the dedicated work by the family, the family worked together to help their dogs and their dedication got desired results. Oscar made steady progress and Peaches is now calm too. Sally and the family now control the dogs and there is now a new acceptable happy response when the doorbell sound goes. Oscar is also generally more confident and content and the family a lot less stressed.

This is an example, safety is your first concern, this example is not intended as instruction or advice, each case is unique and detailed advice is tailored to the individual dog, circumstances and owners. Always seek advice tailored to your dog to get help with your dog behaviour concern.