Keep Your Dog Cool

Keep Your Dog Cool


Keeping Your Dog A Cool Dude This Summer


In warmer weather your pet can get hot too. Dogs do not sweat to cool down like humans do, they only sweat at their paw pads. Dogs lose heat by panting. This blog looks at ways we can help our dog. My dog enjoys surfing in the sea, which is great fun and cooling too. I was told of an Old English Sheep dog that used to enjoy the beach, he dug to find the cooler sand, unfortunately the owners deck chair with  shade was sometimes inconveniently above his hole. A hot dog may naturally dig to find cooler earth lower down, not directly heated by the sun. Here are some ways to help keep your dog cooler. If you are concerned that your dog has heatstroke – contact your vet immediately.


Dog Cooling Tips


Surf, swim or other water activities.

Crate Fans- Look for ones that are safe for pets and are quiet when on. They are designed to clip onto a crate, or pet carrier to help keep your pet keep cool. Some makes even have an optional ice block attached to the fan, for extra cooling.

Cool mats- They contain a gel that becomes cooler when your pet sits on it. It may not be suitable if your pet is likely to chew it, but discuss the product with the manufacturer. They can be useful for some pets for the time the product is active.

Do not leave your dog in your vehicle. The vehicle will heat up fast. Keep the vehicle cool when driving. Use a crate fan on your dog’s car crate. Better still use the air conditioning.

Ensure water is always available to drink.

Supervised your dog to cool down in a paddling pool.

Ensure your dog has shade when outside. Close curtains inside to reduce solar heat.

If it is very hot check the temperature of the pavement. Is it too hot for paws? It may be best to walk on the grass and at a cooler time.

It may mean getting up earlier, but hey your pet is worth it! In summer walking your dog in the cooler earlier, or evening hours will be more comfortable. Avoid more active exercise.

Your dog may be cooler on a tile floor or wet towel.

Water on a damp dog will evaporate taking away heat, to cool the pet.