Play With Your Dog

Play With Your Dog


 Benefits of Playing With Your Dog


Play with your dog is not only a fun time but it enhances your bond and can be a great way to teach your dog. Learning different things through play is one of the ways your dog can learn. It may be one of the techniques we use in your behaviour modification plan or when dog training.

Consider different toys and games with your dog.  Regular play with your dog will encourage him/her to be more responsive to you.



Dog Toys


Choose a toy that is safe and suitable for your dog’s age and breed. A young puppy will prefer a softer chew designed for them, while an adult breed like a Staffordshire Bull terrier that likes to conquer toys and chew his toys will require a tougher toy made of a more resilient material. Discuss the toys with the manufacturer. Throw away damaged toys.

Pick a game to sate your dog’s natural instincts. What games does your dog’s breed group enjoy? What is your individual pet’s toy preference? Your dog may enjoy for example; chasing toys, using their nose, a chew toy, retrieving or working out a puzzle. Here are some ideas.

  • Not toxic pet safe bubbles to catch are great fun.
  • Safe toy sticks are a manufactured product, that vets consider safer than a real stick to avoid injury.
  • Your dog may enjoy a scent trail that leads to a reward or toy.
  • Hide some kibble. Let your dog sniff your hand that held and hid the kibble and then send your dog to sniff it out. Make it easy to find to begin.
  • Retrieve a ball for a fun game, or retrieve a specific named toy.
  • Retrieve a toy on command to play tug with you.
  • Treat dispensing toys.
  • Great brain game puzzles can be purchased in an array of difficulty levels.
  • Sand pit with buried toys.