Problems and Solutions Taking Your Dog

Problems and Solutions Taking Your Dog

Can You Bring Your Dog?

Why not take your best four legged friend along. Some businesses allow dogs. It may be a store, pub, cafe, place to visit. Research the internet for dog friendly places. If a shop is in the mall, it is very likely that you can’t go in the mall. Shops that are ok with dogs;

Here is a list of ideas, always check with the business and their current restrictions;

  • Anthopologie 
  • Lush
  • Apple
  • Dobbie garden centre
  • Blue Bear Bookshop
  • Waterstones
  • Starbucks
  • Pets at home
  • Squires
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Weldon Downland museum
  • Rural life museum
  • The beach

Taking your dog may not be appropriate at present, if your dog has particular behavioural issues.The situation may be too stressful for your dog (know your dog). For example; Areas with lots of people, or dogs may not be safe to take a dog with people, or dog aggression. Perhaps your dog is not fully housetrained yet.


Early learning about the world is vital, for your puppy to become a well rounded adult, able to visit places with you. Get your new puppy out to discover the world. Your vet will tell you, dependant on the vaccinations used, when it is ok for your puppy to be on the ground and walk in areas other dogs have been. You cannot put your puppy on the ground in an area where an unvaccinated dog may have been, or soiled. Lots of experiences can begin, when you carry your puppy to introduce him or her to the world.

It is vital to begin to socialise your puppy and also habituate it to sights, sounds, smells, places and experiences before 12-16 weeks. An age at which your dog can learn more easily, so he or she has greater potential. This will help puppy to be set up to be comfortable and familiar. Always ensure the experience is at an intensity he can manage. Protect your puppy from bad experiences, plan and govern experiences, so that they are good and your puppy is not fearful.

Delaying socialising and habituation until your puppy is past 12-16 weeks means your dog will miss learning about the world and it could negatively affect its behaviour. Following your vets advice, by taking precautions and deciding on transportation is your first task. Carrying your dog in your arms is limiting. Socialisation bags can be purchased from a pet store. Pet strollers are another option, which means not having to carry your puppy. Discuss products with the manufactures. The size and weight of your puppy may influence your choices.


Transport for Accessibility

Pet strollers can be used for pre-vaccination puppies, but can also give quality of life to transport older, medically unable, or disabled dogs (always first discuss trips out for dogs with a medical condition, with your vet, so you know what is suitable). Find parks with paved paths, if dogs are permitted and it is wheelchair accessible, it will be easier to push your dog transport. 

If you and your dog miss the regular countryside walks, that you used to do together, or you want to introduce more sights, sounds smells and countryside places, consider upgrading your wheels. I helped design an adaptation with the excellent skills of a local blacksmith John Cooksley of old Kiln Forge. The pet stroller was fitted with removable off road wheels. This gave an unwell dog, appreciated quality of life. (Blacksmith- stroller conversion see above photo)


You can take your well behaved dog to the beach, but look for restrictions. Some never allow dogs, others have restrictions, such as dogs are only allowed to use part of the beach, or banned from May to September. There are a few beaches that allow well behaved dogs all the time. Always research the current restrictions for the beach, before you plan your day. For example; Cuckmere Haven beach, Lyme Regis Monmouth Beach, Canvey Island, Clevedon Bay Beach, Mawgan Porth Beach Cornwall, Southampton, Pembrokeshire , Portsmouth and many others.

Ready for a dog friendly day out? He or she will enjoy hanging out with the pack. So why not make a dog an owner bucket list.

Dog behaviour problems on a walk, or when out?

Would you like help and Support? Do you have a puppy and would love to know about introducing it to the world, plus you have many other puppy questions? A puppy consult with support, may be just right for you. 

Would you like to take your dog to more places but dog behaviour problems makes it stressful? such as; your dog is young and inexperience about people and places, fearful, pulling, has dog/dog issues, scared of traffic, or other behaviour concerns. Let’s work together to make a dog behaviour difference for you and your dog.