Puppy Training & Behaviour Problems

Puppy Training & Behaviour Problems

Effective Puppy & Dog Training


All dogs need to learn basic commands to be easier to live with. There are many times in life when a sit, down, stay, leave, a good response to name, reliable recall and walking on lead without pulling, could save your dogs life, or are essential for a responsive dog with good control. 

Many owners repeat the verbal command if their dog does not comply, perhaps with increasing sternness, or pushing the dog into a sit. Often reprimanding errors. This is not an effective way to train. Puppies cannot learn if they feel unsure and unlike people, the spoken word is not the best communication method to train dogs. It is more effective to communicate clear rules with a new approach and reward desired behaviour.

Mutual respect and dominion rather than domination is our theme for training both adult dogs and puppies. We use positive reinforcement training and non-confrontational guidance, as it is the most long term and effective training style. Training is easier and it facilitates keenest in your dog. It is also the style of training used to train dogs for movies.

Young puppies have short attention spans. They will gradually learn more as they grow. Training is developed in stages at your dog’s rate. A pure obedience training course will help you to train your puppy, to respond to a variety of useful cues. Single private lessons can be tailored to teaching a dog an obedience cue.

For brand new very young puppies the ‘Puppy Home Start’ course simply integrates training into daily life. A relaxed fun way to train. Aimed at a level that your young dog can understand. For example we introduce: Handling, sit, first lead and lead walks, settle, recall, leave and others. The course includes some general advice on a few life skills: new rules, socialising, toilet training, puppy biting and chewing too. Did you know that if you push your dog away when it jumps up, your dog has no information on how to please you, or perform correctly. You can reinforce the jumping behaviour, or cause other behaviour issues, with this method.


Puppy Behaviour Problems


Getting a puppy is an exciting time. It is also a time for your patience, as your dog has much to learn. Behaviour advice is not taught at obedience class. Puppy has rules to learn in a non-confrontational way. The world needs to be discovered with your guidance. It is important to control intensity and context of new experiences.

We all want a well-mannered dog that we can take anywhere. This does not happen without the correct guidance from you. The first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life are a critical learning time. To give your new addition the best start in life, a behaviour consultation is highly recommended. We have lots of time to discuss behaviour problems at consult. The normal stages of development will bring new challenges. Learn how to manage normal puppy behaviour issues, with management and effective techniques. Prevent behaviour problems developing. Being aware of what to avoid and what influences behaviour, is important. Learn to understand your dog’s communication, for great cooperation and a good working relationship.

Many new owners experience particular puppy behaviour problems they need help with. Behaviour is what Canine Whispers specialises in. We will thoroughly assess your dog, provide a consultation and behaviour modification plan and then develop the plan with you in support. For more information feel free to get in touch.