Help My Dog Is Stressed

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How A Dog Behaviour Expert Can Help With A Dog That Is Stressed

Behaviour Modification is the Most Important Choice 


Get support if your dog is stressed with a qualified dog behaviour expert near Woking. Dogs can get stressed just as we humans do. Is your dog anxious, aggressive, wants to escape, freeze, unsettled or other? Help is available by a Clinical Animal Behaviourist. Denish of PedMed states that “behaviour modification is always the first and most important step”. To address the medical aspects of the behaviour a veterinarian will help (PetMD – 2016).

A dog may feel strain, or pressure in its life. There are various causes. Repeated scary noises, or other eliciting stimuli, fear of dogs, people, traffic, fear of something else and being alone are just a few. Dr Herron indicates signs such as panting, pacing, avoiding eye contact, trembling, want to get away, difficulty focusing, or others may be involved. There may be various less obvious signs such as shaking off, posture changes and many unnoticed signs. A more stressed dog may be unable to relax, there may be changes in sleeping, eating or toileting. As the intensity and frequency increases the level and nature of response towards the triggering stimuli can become more acute and happen faster. A dog may have various displacement behaviours, or coping strategies. This may involve anxiety, aggression, want to escape, hide or freeze (Murphy K – 2023, Pet MD -2016, Weir M, Buzhardt – 2023).

Some dogs are more resilient to stress than others. Some breeds, or individuals are more susceptible. There are many factors affecting things, including experiences, the influence of the physical and psychological environment from the dogs perspective, learning from environmental consequences to exhibited behaviour, history, medical status. Our response to our dogs behaviour can help or hinder. A dog may have various triggers, that it finds difficult to cope with, these can stack up. These and other factors need investigation to tailor the plan to the individual dog and family (Murphy K – 2023, Pet MD – 2016).

Dogs need to be helped as an individual. There are many factors that can help or hinder resilience to physiological or psychological stress.  A plan can be tailored to your dog. It is wise to seek help sooner. Repeated stress, or a more acute event can increase the effect on the dog and can have an effect on the brain nervous system. Long term stress can dysregulate the HPA axis. This HPA mediates by hormones, the effect of stressors to facilitate an immediate response to stress. Prolonged stress may mean not enough cortisol or other hormones can be made to mediate and maintain homeostasis, this will also effect behaviour. Your vet will diagnose and help with medical aspects, or eliminate medical factors contributing to behaviour (Murphy K – 2023).

Get help with a behaviour modification plan from a qualified dog behaviour expert available in Woking, Aldershot, Camberley, Farnborough and the surrounding areas. This is an effective tool to help a dog that is stressed by any degree, so you can understand your dog better, see how to help, influence and improve how your dog feels and change exhibited behaviour.

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