Private Dog Training 

Influence how your dog learns for keen compliance with private 1-2-1 obedience sessions for your dog using tried and tested force free methods

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Do you need dog obedience training, or have a specific dog behaviour problem? After a professional assessment to discern the most appropriate service to help, we provide a wide range of options to cover any and all concerns.

Puppy Courses

Many owners are struggling to manage the challenge of giving their new puppy the best start to life. From day one, it is imperative to introduce obedience training and apply good behaviour modification techniques.

Our new range of courses provide support to cover all areas of puppy training and behaviour management, using force-free methods for happy outcomes for you and your new arrival.

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1-2-1 Training

A personal trainer, just for you and your dog, to work on obedience skills. Dog training needs are more appropriately addressed in private lessons. The dog trainer teaches you and your dog with obedience training skill courses or bespoke lessons at your home or virtually.

Our training style enhances your relationship with your dog and gets your dog to want to work for you. Aversive training techniques are not used, its fun and easier to apply than traditional training methods.

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Main Services

1-2-1 Session

Do you have a particular dog obedience training concern that you want to improve? Examples could be lead walking, jumping up, or sit stay. This is a private 1-2-1 dog obedience lesson with a personal dog trainer, to focus on a specific dog training issue. This service applies to dogs of all ages including puppies. Please be aware this is not an alternative to dog behaviour modification, since behaviour issues are only addressed thoroughly by dog behaviour consultation.

£60 hr at home
£50 hr virtually

Behaviour Consultation

Here with professional help to address a specific behaviour, or various issues being expressed by your dog, or puppy. Our behaviour consultation packages include everything required to address specific concerns including a thorough home visit session, bespoke behaviour plan tailored to you and your dog and up to one months’ worth email and/or phone support. For more information on the range of packages we provide please visit our behaviour consultation page.

Virtual: £150
Home Visit: £200

Puppy Courses

Home Start Training Package

This is a fun course for new puppy owners. Good general advice for new puppy owners. Start training as soon as possible. Effective training stems from your relationship with your dog. It is a 4 week course on 1-2-1 training basis with the trainer. A 1-hour lesson at your home, or virtually by Zoom. We focus on puppies' first introduction to obedience training and life skills. Although not a consultation to solve behaviour problems, by popular demand the course includes a general introduction to a few important puppy issues: Communication, puppy biting, house training and the importance of socialising and habituating your puppy.

We establish a training style to promote co-operation. The course introduces: Sit, handling, settle, recall, leave, and first loose-lead walking. The new skills you learn can then be integrated into your daily life throughout the week. This course is the equivalent of pre-school training and works beautifully when combined afterwards with the Puppy Foundation Training Course.

Virtual: £130
Home Visit: £150

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Foundation Training Course

This is a 6-week puppy obedience training course using non-forceful methods of 1 to 1 1/4 hr lessons.

These sessions can be arranged at your home or by Zoom with a personal trainer just for you and your dog, at a mutually convenient time.

This course serves as an excellent follow on to the Home Start Training Package, or stand alone as puppy obedience training.

In this course we train: Sit, down, attention to name, settle, leave, handling, recall, walking on lead as well as other areas. We also introduce socialisation and habituation skills.

Virtual: £199
Home Visit: £225

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Behaviour Consultation

A bespoke behaviour plan just for your puppy. A Home visit or Virtual Puppy Consult gives owners comprehensive information to manage puppy issues that all owners experience. We can also tailor the behaviour modification plan to address particular problems that you may be experiencing. This bespoke plan sets the owner up with effective management techniques and training to deal with any behaviour issues, granting them confidence and a new skillset that can support them and their dog for years to come.

Unlike a training course, a behaviour consultation evaluates cause and allows time to answer your many questions. We include life skills, effective learning about the world & socialising methods as well as house training, learning to be alone, sleeping at night calmly, chewing, self control, and many others areas. A puppy consultation aid you preventing behaviour problems and can help give your puppy the best start, setting them up to be a well-mannered dog. The puppy behaviour consultation is followed by a thorough dog behaviour report, relevant hand-outs and 4 weeks of support by phone or email.

Virtual: £150
Home Visit: £200

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Check out one of our blog posts for some helpful initial information on puppy behaviour issues and training.


  • I've included short training sessions into all our walks, as well as at home, which makes for a more interesting time for both of us.

    V - Blagbrough
  • Age is no limit! 87y old gentleman can now walk 2 Boxers without them pulling.

    Aubrey - Petersfield
  • Walking going well, the Gentle Leader is fantastic

    S - Hook

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