Private Dog Training 

Influence how your dog learns for keen compliance with private 1-2-1 obedience sessions for your dog using tried and tested force free methods

How To Train Your Dog

Do you need dog obedience training, or have a specific dog training problem? After a professional assessment to discern the most appropriate service to help, a 1-2-1 training session can be booked.

1-2-1 private training

Dog obedience private classes for training puppies and training dogs. Private 1-2-1 courses in the comfort of your home with personal instruction, for basic obedience training skills for a well-mannered dog. Dog training begins at home, in an environment where the dog can start to learn effectively.

Bespoke training

Dog obedience training specifically tailored to target particular training problems (Not an alternative to behaviour modification).

Positive Dog Training

Our training style enhances your relationship with your dog and gets the dog to want to work for you. Aversive training techniques are not used and are not necessary to train the dog. You can train the dog; spending 10 minutes 2 -3 times a day and integrate it into life. You reap the rewards and its fun and easier to use than traditional training methods.

Dog Training 

Puppy Foundation

Learn how to train your puppy. With veterinary permission with regard to the puppies vaccination programme, obedience training can begin at 10 weeks. The Puppy training Foundation course is a basic non forceful introduction to training. Examples of training covered are; Sit, attention to name, down, wait, handling, good manners, life skills, response to name, leave, walking on lead etc.

Beginner Dog Obedience

A beginner dog training course is for adult dogs or, a progression from 'Puppy Foundation'. The course covers subjects such as; Responsibility of ownership, attention to name, walking on lead, settle, sit stay, recall, leave, handling etc.
Kind gentle, non-aversive methods and positive-reinforcement brings out the best to build a co-operative bond.

Bespoke Training

Do you have a particular dog obedience training concern that you want to improve? We can tailor a dog obedience lesson (Not an alternative to behaviour modification, by consultation).


  • I've included short training sessions into all our walks, as well as at home, which makes for a more interesting time for both of us.

    V - Blagbrough
  • Age is no limit! 87y old gentleman can now walk 2 Boxers without them pulling.

    Aubrey - Petersfield
  • Walking going well, the Gentle Leader is fantastic

    S - Hook

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Let’s begin a course of obedience training skills for a well-mannered dog.