Home Alone Training 

Help your dog overcome the fear of being Home Alone and begin to reduce the worry for your dog, you and your family.

Dog Separation Behaviour Training

Are You Feeling Stressed By Dog Separation Behaviour Concerns?

Does Any Of This Effect You?

  • Fed up of returning home to find house soiling or household destruction by your dog?
  • Do you feel guilty every time that you leave your dog alone to go out?
  • Tired of your dog chewing your possessions or home?
  • Stressed by by your dog’s anxious, disruptive, vocal, self-mutilation, drooling, or escape behaviour when you go out?
  • Does your dog become over exuberant when you leave and arrive home?
  • You anticipate that your work – home schedule is changing?

Separation Anxiety & Home Alone Concerns

We’re here to help you with your dog’s separation anxiety, alone time separation concerns, or home alone problems. Some dogs may have home alone issues that are not related to separation anxiety. Or perhaps your dog is having mild to severe full-blown panic attacks when you’re absent.

The clinical behaviourist can first differentiate if the problem is due to separation issues, other behaviour related concerns, or separation anxiety. We can then target the issue to provide a focused resolution. Separation anxiety and problems can be distressing for both dog and owner. Canine Whispers tailors a bespoke behaviour modification plan specifically for your dog.

After this we can work together with you to provide support so that your dog is more confident and relaxed and you can begin to consider going out without concern. This process requires some dedication and time as progress comes in stages. Owners that have dogs with separation anxiety can naturally feel stressed and emotionally affected, so extra support packages are available if necessary.

Many separation issues get worse if left untreated. Let’s make a difference together and improve the quality of life for both you and your dog.


With our separation anxiety support packages.

Optimising behaviour modification, our support packages provide the extra support that clients need with dog separation anxiety cases. We have support packages which provide virtual meetings, video review, email and phone contact. More frequent support is available in the early stages and less as you progress. Utilising modern technology can facilitate success. We can constantly adjust the behaviour modification criteria to suit the dog.


  • Thanks for your help – having this feedback and on-going input is incredibly useful.

    Jonathan - Woking
  • It's made such a difference to our lives! We can get back to normal now.

    W - Walton-on-Thames
  • Our dog is now calm and not anxious. You pointed out we should treat the dog as a dog, not a human and we could lead and keep the dog in place without force. Thanks, well done!

    David - Guildford

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