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Our Testimonials

  • I can see a new way of dealing with things - it works!

    JH - Farnham
  • He is a different dog now! Much easier.

    M - Aldershot
  • I’m really pleased with the improvements in Mungo’s behaviour. Because he’s calmer, and much more responsive to commands.

    Vicky - Alton

  • In not very long the difference was amazing! I was very
    impressed. I will recommend Canine Whispers to my vet and
    anyone with dog behaviour problems.

    Barbara - Camberley
  • Many people have said how much calmer the dog is. Happy
    with results

    C - Aldershot

  • A break through! And she has reduced emotional urges. It's
    helped with a better communication.

    R & S - Farnham
  • It's made such a difference to our lives! We can get
    back to normal now.

    W - Walton On Thames

  • The biggest improvement so far is being able to have the front
    door open and be standing a few paces away with the dog
    remaining in a 'sit'.

    Fiona - Bramley
  • Our dog is now calm and not anxious. You pointed out we
    should treat the dog as a dog, not a human and we could lead
    and keep the dog in place without force. Thanks, well done!

    David - Guildford